As our world becomes increasingly urbanized, an understanding of the context, mechanisms, and consequences of urban environments becomes more important. This issue involves both the climatic environment in and around cities and the remnants of the natural world in cities, or what I’ll generally call “urban open space.” My interests in urban environments prompted me to write Constructed Climates: A Primer on Urban Environments published by the University of Chicago Press (hopefully in 2011).

This author-maintained site (my academic website) provides open-access content and discussion (my blog), and I have assigned all hard-copy and ebook distribution rights to UC Press.  Printing and distributing any content herein, beyond fair use, is expressly uncool and not allowed. Here’s the UC Press link to purchase the book when it becomes available in February 2011. Each chapter shown in the sidebar at left has topical sections underneath that expand into a list when the chapter entry is clicked.

Comments, clarifications, questions, and additions are welcome! Content on these pages reflect the book, although comments and questions make it a living text.

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